Books Used For Reference



1). Les Feldick Through the Bible T.V. Show Transcripts


2). Cyrus Ingersoll Scofield          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

A). Scofield Study Bible

B). Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

C). The Jewish Question


3). George Williams          Acts 28 Dispensationalist

The Complete Bible Commentary


4). J. Vernon McGee          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

Through The Bible Commentary


5). William R. Newell          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

A). Romans Verse by Verse

B). Hebrews Verse by Verse


6). E.W. Bullinger          Acts 28 Dispensationalist

A). Foundations of Dispensational Truth

B). The Works of E.W. Bullinger Volume 1

C). Word Studies on the Holy Spirit

D). Commentary on Revelation

E). The Companion Bible


7). Lewis Sperry Chafer          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

A). Grace

B). Major Bible Themes


8). Charles C. Ryrie          Acts 2 Dispensationalist



9). Sir Robert Anderson          Acts 9/13 Dispensationalist

A). The Silence of God

B). The Coming Prince


10). Charles F. Baker          Acts 9/13 Dispensationalist

Dispensational Theology


11). C. R. Stam          Acts 9/13 Dispensationalist

A). Things That Differ

B). Acts Dispensationally Considered

C). Hebrews


12). J. Dwight Pentecost          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

Things To Come


13). Herbert Bateman          Progressive Dispensationalist

Contemporary Dispensationalism


14). Wayne Gruden

Systematic Theology


15). Jack Van Impe

Revelation Revealed


16). Paul J. Achtemeier General Editor Society of Bible Literature

Harper Collins Bible Dictionary


17). Gregory A. Boyd

Oneness Pentecostals and The Trinity


18). James Strong

Strong’s Expanded Concordance With Vine’s Dictionary


19). Kenneth S. Wuest          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

Word Studies From the Greek New Testament (4 Books)


20). Clarence Larkin          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

Dispensational Truth


21). William MacDonald          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

Believers Bible Commentary


22). Reader's Digest Association

Jesus and His Times


23). Micheal Horton          Covenant Theologian

Introducting Covenant Theology


24). Roger Olson          Arminian Theologian

Against Calvinism


25). Renald E. Showers          Acts 2 Dispensationalist

There Really is a Difference


26). R.C. Sproul          Covenant Theologian

What is Reformed Theology?


27). F. Leroy Forlines          Arminian Theologian

Classical Arminianism


28). Jerry L. Walls and Joseph R. Dongell          Arminian Theologians

Why I am Not a Calvinist


29). Micheal D. Williams          Covenant Theologian

Far as the Curse is Found


30) Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

The Nineteen Letters of Judaism


31) John G. Gager          Professor of Religion at Princeton University

Reinventing Paul